how to reduce HVAC noise in an office space

How to Reduce HVAC Noise in an Office Space

Modern open office spaces allow for better employee bonds and improved collaboration. Everyone working in a communal area can feel more comfortable accessing others for additional resources and assistance. Additionally, seeing others working can help boost productivity and help each team member achieve better concentration and flow.

However, a loud HVAC system can quickly turn your office into a distraction, so addressing this issue quickly is essential. Learning how to reduce HVAC noise in an office will help you correct the problem and make your office space a place of focus and unity.

Why Is My HVAC So Loud?

If you’re dealing with loud noise from your HVAC, it could be a sign you need to replace your HVAC system soon. Still, a total replacement should be your last resort. Typically, you can take several smaller steps to reduce the noise of your HVAC without overhauling everything. You can minimize HVAC noise by trying a few simple strategies to transform your office into a quiet oasis.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

HVAC systems work hard to keep your office space comfortable. Without regular maintenance, your air conditioning system will accumulate significant wear and tear. Neglecting HVAC maintenance can lead to distracting sounds — loose bolts and other components will rattle and could fall off, or the air compressor might have too much built-up pressure. Maintenance can help make your AC fan quieter.

You can get your HVAC company to perform annual or biannual maintenance tune-ups for your system. These expert check-ins will allow your HVAC system to get the servicing it needs. Technicians will tighten loose components, clear debris and check to make sure everything is working as it should. They can address any noisy parts.

Additionally, you’ll save more in the long run with regular maintenance. Replacing your HVAC system is much more expensive than paying for routine adjustments. Also, proactive checkups can catch problems early before they snowball into extensive, costly repairs. Invest in your HVAC system and it will run quietly and smoothly.

Air conditioning system to run smoothly and quietly in your office

Upgrade Your HVAC Equipment

Older, worn-down air conditioning systems are more likely to be noisy. As they age, components come loose or fall apart — your older HVAC system’s noisiness might signify it’s time for a new one. You can make your HVAC quieter by upgrading to a newer model. Your current HVAC system might be too big for your needs. It’s common for overly large models to run loudly.

When upgrading your HVAC equipment, get a system that fits your space. The correctly sized air conditioning system will run smoothly and quietly in your office. Additionally, look for energy-efficient models. You’ll save on energy costs and enjoy a comfortable, quiet space year-round. The more advanced your system, the better sound reduction you’ll get.

Ensure Optimal Location of Fans and Air Handlers

If you’ve recently redesigned your office space without adjusting fan locations, it could be why your fans are so loud. One way to reduce HVAC fan noise is to change the location of your fans and air handlers. Air handlers and fans in the wrong spots can lead to intrusive noises and poor HVAC functioning — you might find yourself with cold and hot spots instead of consistent cooling.

If you get a new HVAC system, speak to your contractor or design experts during the renovation. Ensure they’re considering fan and air handler locations for optimal operation. If you’re dealing with noise from these issues now, you’ll have to get an expert to help you pinpoint the best spots to move your fans and air handlers.

Add Sound Boots to Reduce HVAC Noise

HVAC sound boots are a tool integrated into your duct system. They’re boot-shaped, which helps transfer sound from one area to another. The unique boot shape lets you get all the cooling you need while reducing noise. Sound bounces from one side of the duct to the other, redirecting away from each area and decreasing in volume as it moves along. If your existing ductwork doesn’t have these, it could make your office space louder than needed.

While the convenience of sound boot installation depends on your existing system, it can significantly help reduce cross-talk. With an expert installation company, adding sound boots to your system can be quick and relatively non-intrusive. Ask your HVAC technician if sound boots are an option for your office space.

Improve Comfort in Break Rooms

While open office spaces may improve productivity and teamwork, they can be intrusive. Employees use break rooms as quiet spaces to rest or make calls — if the HVAC system is too loud or the room is otherwise uncomfortable, it can impact employee health. Additionally, a break room that’s too stuffy will quickly become an inconvenience. Make sure your HVAC system works well in the break room to ensure employee comfort when they take a moment away from the main office area.

Use Sound Blankets and Barrier Walls

The classic office design has very few sound-absorbing materials. These features make workspaces louder and allow all kinds of distracting noises to bounce around the office space. Investing in sound-absorbing materials will help keep the office quiet and comfortable. Throwing up a couple of well-placed barrier walls will break up the noise without making the office feel too closed off.

Use absorbent wall art or fabrics, drop ceilings and carpet to dampen sound without interfering with the office design. Consider incorporating plants as well — they brighten the space with color and act as sound absorbers. While you probably want to avoid plush office chairs, adding couches can help absorb even more sound in your main office space. Couches also double as a communal area for group work.

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