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Water Restoration

Water damage, whether from a sewer system issue, storm, flood or other incident, can be devastating. Water can carry away some of your property, cause severe damage to electronics and all of your home’s systems, and can cause other devastation as well. Even when the water level falls, mold and mildew can become an ongoing concern.

If you need water damage cleanup for property in Wood County, West Virginia, call Drake’s Construction & Restoration. We have more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners recover from flooding and water damage. Since our team does extensive restorations and we even build homes from the ground up, we can handle any damage ranging from broken pipe water cleanup to restoring flooded basements for Parkersburg residents.

Considerations With Water Restorations

If your home has sustained damage from a leaky pipe, damaged roof or other source of water, it’s important to call professionals who can properly address the issue. Water damage can be a complex issue, and it often happens in places you may not see. Even if the water has retreated, there may be damage or mold growing under floors, ceilings and walls, which can cause numerous health issues for the home’s occupants.

Only professionals have the tools and training to safely and permanently remove the mold and then repair the damage left behind.

Water Damage Restoration in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Has your home experienced water damage? Contact the professionals at Drake’s Construction & Restoration. Our team has extensive experience serving the Parkersburg area with water damage restoration, renovations and new construction.

Our long-term experience with HVAC systemsroofing, siding and other aspects of homebuilding mean we can address even extensive water damage. If your siding or HVAC system has been affected by flooding or leaks, we know how to take care of repairs safely. We have the experience with roofs and broken pipes necessary to locate leaks, clean up the water, and correctly diagnose and repair the problem to eliminate future damage.

Best of all, the team at Drake’s Construction & Restoration believes in making life easier for the customer. You’ve already experienced enough stress with water damage on your property. We understand how difficult that experience can be, and we’ll treat you and your home with professionalism and respect while performing efficient, thorough repairs.

When you notice water damage, you want to act quickly. Contact us to talk about what you see or get in touch to request an estimate. Our team will investigate the damage and its causes to formulate a plan and tell you how we’ll address the issue. Reach out today to start restoring your home.