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Emergency Repair and Response in Parkersburg, WV

Too often we’ve seen people here in the Mid Ohio Valley endure more pain than is necessary during the restoration process after a home tragedy. Many people don’t know that they can ask their insurance agent for a specific company to do this work. Ask for us. We have over two decades of experience and hundreds of people who will tell you that we made their project a top priority.

Drake’s Construction & Restoration covers many different issues that require quick and efficient responses. Our emergency response care will get you the reliable help and cleanup you need when disaster strikes.

Emergency Storm or Flooding Damage in Parkersburg

Weather issues are among the most common causes of property damage. Wind, hail and rain can hurt your home’s exterior, including your roof, siding and windows. Weather-related damage like flooding or fallen trees can also affect your house’s interior.

At Drake’s, we provide quick storm damage repair for the Parkersburg area. Whether you’ve experienced hail and wind damage or are left with a flooded floor, our team will assess the situation and develop an emergency response plan. We offer water damage cleanup, structural and content drying and storm damage repairs of all kinds, including removing fallen trees from your home or building.

Preventive Emergency Response

In addition to emergency repair services, Drake’s can help you prevent excessive damage from storms and other weather events. Our team has enough experience in dealing with storm damage to help you prepare for upcoming threats. We’ll provide preventive measures to protect your home or business, like boarding up the windows. Emergency board-up services and tarp coverings can shield your roof, windows and exterior against harsh environments and limit the extent of the storm damage.

Get Quick Storm Damage Repair in Parkersburg, WV

When problems arise and require emergency repairs, you need a partner you can trust. Property owners in the Mid-Ohio Valley rely on Drake’s Construction & Restoration for quick responses to water, storm and other kinds of damage in their homes or offices. We’ll make your residence safe and comfortable again. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency repair services.