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Do you like your home – but would like it more with a new bath/kitchen/room? Drake’s can help you fall in love with your home all over again with renovations of all types. From paper plans to reality, our trustworthy, reliable and professional team of renovation experts will create a new look and make you proud to show it off to guests.

One of the best ways to improve your home is to remodel your most-used rooms. Between kitchen and bathroom renovations, you can make your house feel new again. Sometimes all it takes is new flooring or countertops, and we can show you a range of options to transform either of these spaces.

When you want to remodel your home, it’s important to partner with a team of experienced technicians who listen to your ideas. As do-it-all contractors, we assess your needs and offer financing plans to fit your budget. When we arrive at your house for an estimate, we use insurance-level technology to evaluate the best price we can give. With your go-ahead, we can get started on your home transformation as soon as you’re ready.

Kitchen renovation projects in Parkersburg, WV

Kitchen Remodel in Parkersburg, WV

Your kitchen is a space for gathering, conversing and creating meals for the people in your home. It is essential that this room reflects your style and appeals to your sense of comfort. We provide kitchen remodeling services for any part of the room you would like to improve.

The following are a few examples of kitchen renovation projects we perform:

  • Cabinetry: Your cabinets are a crucial part of kitchen storage as well as a visual accent. We can restructure your cabinets with doors, handles and more for a brand-new look.
  • Countertops: If you’ve been eyeing granite countertops for a while, now is the time to get them for yourself! We install new countertops to transform your kitchen’s surfaces.
  • Flooring: The flooring in your kitchen may determine how you clean or maintain your space. We can improve or replace your floors with a kitchen remodel.

bathroom renovation projects in Parkersburg, WVBathroom Renovation in Parkersburg, WV

As one of the most-frequented rooms in your home, your bathroom should show off your style. Whether it’s a small change or a complete renovation, we can begin a bathroom project as soon as you like. If you prefer a theme for multiple bathrooms, we can make your home feel brand-new with a double remodel.

These are a few of the ways we can renovate your bathroom:

  • Countertops: The counters in your bathroom can be the centerpiece of your space when done well. We can install new countertops to make the rest of your room shine.
  • Tiling: Whether on your floor or in your shower, the tiling in your bathroom may need rework. New tile can transform a space and make it feel more like your own.
  • Showers or tubs: Tired of your shower or tub? A new installation can be a comfortable improvement to fit your needs and style.

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At Drake’s Construction & Restoration, we believe in partnership. Your ideas are crucial to our process, so we create a two-way street for communication. Your home is your haven — let’s work together to make it fit your needs.

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