choose the right air conditioning unit for your home

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Home

Rising temperatures can quickly turn your home from a comfortable oasis into a sweltering space, making it challenging to enjoy your days. An air conditioner creates a pleasant area for relaxing and escaping from the humid atmosphere and sticky weather.

Investing in an efficient air conditioning unit is essential for achieving the cool temperatures you want while staying within your budget and enhancing your lifestyle. This guide will discuss various options and how to find the best fit for your home.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Before deciding on a unit, take time to learn about your various options. Each of these air conditioners has pros and cons, and you must evaluate your needs and preferences to find the best fit for your lifestyle. Some provide additional features that can give you a reprieve throughout the year rather than just the summer months. Here are the most common types of air conditioners.

  • Central air conditioning: Central systems cool your home by forcing cool air through your vents and ducts. You can typically control this system with a thermostat, and some have smart abilities, allowing you to set cycles, adjust the temperature and turn the system off and on. These systems can have a higher initial cost than others but offer a simple reprieve and run quietly.
  • HVAC: HVAC systems can supply your home with heat, ventilation and air conditioning. They will take in air, cool or heat it and blow it into your space accordingly. A benefit of these systems is having clean air, as HVAC units can filter the air, removing spores, dust, particles, viruses and bacteria. Though the initial installation can be more costly than other options, they’re excellent for owners of larger homes looking to save money over the long term.
  • Window air conditioner: These might be the first thing you picture when you imagine air conditioners. These budget-friendly units will only cool the room you place them in. You can find them in various sizes, but their position in the window will always obstruct your view to some extent. Additionally, you will need multiple units throughout your home if you live in a multi-story house or have many rooms.
  • Smart air conditioning: Smart air conditioners offer many unique capabilities. With this option, you can control elements of your system remotely, including powering it on and off, setting cycles, using timers and adjusting the temperature. Technically, this is not a category on its own. These features come as an addition to other air conditioners, giving you an excellent pick of sizes and styles.
  • Ductless mini-split system: Homes or add-ons that lack ductwork can use ductless mini-splits to feel cool breezes. These easy-to-install systems have condenser and blower components to bring air from the outside into your home. Using a refrigerant, the mini-split can cool the air and push it through your house.
  • Portable air conditioner: Portable systems offer additional convenience, as you can place them in multiple areas and use them as you need without considering installation costs or services. You can put some portable systems in your window and others on the floor, giving you free rein to maximize your space. Though these units are affordable, you will need more than one if you live in a large home.

factors for deciding the best air conditioning unit

How to Choose an Air Conditioning System

What AC unit is right for your home? Finding the perfect solution can keep you cool and help you save money over time. Areas that experience extreme summer temperatures need a reprieve from the heat and humidity to stay comfortable. Indoor temperature control can improve your family’s quality of life, and there are several things you must consider to find the perfect air conditioner. Check out these factors for deciding the best air conditioning unit for you.


Finding the correct unit size is essential for maximizing efficiency and staying comfortable. An air conditioner that is too large for your space can quickly make a room feel clammy or damp because it won’t have time to remove the humidity before cooling the area. Similarly, a small unit in a large space will do an inadequate job of keeping you comfortable. You’ll have to run the unit for extended periods and may not feel its benefits throughout your home.


Heating and cooling systems play a significant role in your total energy expenditure. Finding an energy-efficient unit can help save money and preserve the environment.

When shopping for a new air conditioner, look for the seasonal energy efficiency rating. The higher the SEER number, the more efficiently a system will run. The minimum SEER for air conditioners is 14, and some units reach 22 or higher. You will likely spend more upfront for a higher-rated unit. However, a maximally efficient air conditioner will pay for itself over time.

Noise Levels

Many AC units make noise when they operate. Some emit a quiet background hum, while others are more distracting. If you live in a busy area, having a noisy unit may be acceptable for your home. However, if you’re hoping for peace, you’ll need to do some additional searching for a quiet option.


Having a reliable system is equally important as having an efficient one. By scheduling professional preventive maintenance to prolong the unit’s life span and routinely inspecting your filters and other components, you can feel confident in your air conditioner. Don’t waste money by buying a unit you’ll have to replace within a few years. For a seamless summer experience, finding a system you can count on could be the difference between a calm, comfortable oasis and a humid and sticky inconvenience.

Features and Functionality

Beyond essential functionality, there are a few other factors to consider. Your home’s capabilities and space availability can help you decide on some units by eliminating systems that won’t fit in your space or don’t have the desired features.

For instance, some units require outdoor space, either fitting within a window or requiring an external unit. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, you may be unable to make these accommodations. Additionally, if your home doesn’t have existing ductwork and you don’t want to install any, you can eliminate a few options.

The features you want can also create a better summer experience. If you want to control the temperature from your mobile device or program your thermostat to operate automatically, you’ll want to avoid window units and portable options, as these are less likely to give you the experience you desire.

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Find a High-Quality AC Unit From Drake’s Construction & Restoration

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