Top Tips and Ideas for a Modern Kitchen Remodel

Whether you’re an experienced chef or like using your kitchen for entertaining purposes, you likely use your kitchen on a daily basis. As a result, you need it to be functional and suit your needs with the right storage and technology — but you also want it to look great. Embarking on a renovation for your kitchen can help you create a space that perfectly suits you and your family.

However, it’s no secret that kitchen remodels can be extensive projects. As a result, having a solid plan in mind from the start is incredibly beneficial, helping you achieve the kitchen of your dreams while sticking to your budget. If you’re interested in ideas for your kitchen renovations or want to learn more about the process, we’re here to help.

What to Know About Planning for a Kitchen Renovation

Before you do anything else, you should have an idea of what you want to get out of the project. Consider the following points to start thinking in the right direction.

  • Functionality: How do you typically use your kitchen? Is it a space for gathering and entertaining, or do you love cooking and baking for yourself? Do you need more space for your appliances and gadgets? How could you change the space to make it easier to prepare and serve meals? If you have small children and pets, keep them in mind when thinking of how you might make the space more functional.
  • Style: What do you want your kitchen to look like? Most kitchens align with some type of overarching design that may tie in to the rest of the home, but you can feel free to make your kitchen look as unique as you like. Consider the style of cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint and backsplash.
  • Special requirements: Do you need to create more accessibility? For example, if you or someone else in your home is particularly tall, increasing the height of the countertops could be helpful. Are you attempting to create a more eco-friendly home? Choosing sustainable kitchen materials could help you achieve that. Consider anything that might be unique to your situation and how it could impact your renovation choices.

Understanding Your Kitchen Needs and Budget

Once you begin thinking about potential renovations for your kitchen, you should also consider how your kitchen currently looks — some sections of your current kitchen might be perfectly fine as-is.

Take a look at your kitchen’s layout. Certain aspects, like plumbing, may require more effort and time to adjust or move. Other components like moving the fridge, updating the countertops and refacing the cabinets are more manageable tasks.

For example, some design and layout strategies to think about include:

  • Space utilization: The “kitchen triangle” means having the sink, stove and fridge close together in a triangle formation. This setup makes it easier to get ingredients from the fridge and access the sink while cooking. Consider whether you might need to rearrange your kitchen to create a kitchen triangle, or if you could also benefit from other space utilization updates.
  • Storage solutions: There are lots of options for kitchen storage. For example, a pantry is a great spot for storing all kinds of kitchen items, including dry foods. Under your countertops, you might add shallow drawers for cutlery and deeper drawers for pots and pans.
  • Lighting and electrical: Do you have enough outlets to power your kitchen appliances? Is your kitchen well-lit, or could you benefit from adding more overhead lights? If you don’t have enough countertop space for prepping ingredients and using tools like blenders and coffee makers, adding more will be helpful.

Evaluating what’s most important to you and fits into your budget can help you figure out whether a complete remodel is necessary or if updating certain parts is better. Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional remodeling team to better understand how much a remodel might cost depending on which aspects of your kitchen you’d like to change.

Choosing the Right Professionals for the Job

Taking on a cost-effective kitchen remodel requires the help of a professional team. Between tasks like updating electrical wiring, inserting new countertops, and even knocking down walls to create more usable space, renovations require considerable expertise and the right techniques to ensure everything is done correctly and safely. With a crew on your side, you can expect to enjoy your new kitchen faster, too.

Still, you likely know that you can’t just hire anyone to renovate your kitchen. Research is essential — you want to choose a professional company with testimonials and a portfolio that reflects how they helped past clients with similar projects, showing you they know how to complete high-quality work on schedule. Take your time to consider your options, and meet with potential contractors to learn more about them.

Top Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, you may be curious about what’s “in” — adding certain trendy elements to your space can keep it modern and create better resale value if you end up selling your home in the near future. Plus, checking out how other people have renovated their spaces can give you even more kitchen remodel ideas.

Integrating Smart Technology

While technology has been in the kitchen for years, it’s now taking over, from smart, voice-controlled systems to refrigerators with screens and Wi-Fi. These gadgets can make it easier to control lighting, search for recipes, see what you have in your refrigerator, turn on the sink faucet and more.

Having Fun With Backsplash

In the past, backsplash has often appeared as a simple statement piece behind the stovetop or kitchen sink, with its main functionality being easy to clean. Now, many homeowners are livening up their kitchens by choosing colored and patterned tiles for their backsplashes. Some are even using non-traditional materials for their backsplashes, such as wood.

Opting for Sustainability

Investing in sustainable materials has also taken the forefront, with biophilic design becoming the next big thing. A biophilic design involves bringing natural elements into your kitchen, such as growing herbs in pots on the wall or using natural wood and stone blocks for countertops. These choices could help reduce your carbon footprint and minimize waste.

Adding More Color

The trend of simple white kitchens is moving aside in favor of bolder colors. More often, homeowners are embracing the dramatic flair of colorful cabinetry and other color-focused upgrades. With more people opting for hybrid or remote work lives, injecting personality and customization into their homes can give a sense of sanctuary and harmony.

Choose Drake Construction and Restoration for Your Kitchen Remodel Needs

Investing in a kitchen remodel is the perfect way to create a more functional, beautiful kitchen space that meets your exact needs. Whether you need to expand the area to accommodate your growing family or want to give dated cabinets and flooring an upgrade, renovating allows you to create an ideal space that will make cooking, baking and entertaining easier.

At Drake Construction and Restoration, our professional team has decades of experience with kitchen remodel and renovation projects in the Mid-Ohio Valley area. When you meet with us to discuss your needs, you get a free, no-obligation estimate with a comprehensive project quote. This way, you can rest assured that you’re making the best choice for your budget.

Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life. Explore our remodeling services today, and contact us to get started!